Upcoming WW Kayak Instruction!

Intermediate Tune-up(Class 2+/3-) on Saturday, May 3
Berkshires/River selection will be made by water levels at the time.
Are you feeling a little rust as the paddling season gets into full swing?  This class is designed to tune-up your basic skills and develop a variety of intermediate paddling skills.  The course will focus on challenging students in relatively easy whitewater in preparation for more difficult whitewater.  
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River Rolling 202 on May 23- 24 (Fri - Sun)
Often neglected in paddling circles, the bombproof roll is making a comeback in the 2014. Join us for two days of hard work emphasizing rolling in turbulent river situations. It's going to be fun, but we're going to spend lots of time upside down. Why? Because as your paddling progresses to more difficult levels you really should be able to roll up 99% of the time in class III or IV water. So... if you NEVER/RARELY miss a roll in the pool, but OCCASIONALLY swim in real river situations, then this class is for you.
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Turners Falls Bypass Reach - Whitewater!

Do you Boat the Connecticut River at the Turners Falls Dam Bypass Reach?


AMC, New England FLOW, and AW Need Your Help!


Tell us about your whitewater experiences from natural spill events on the Connecticut River this spring.

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