Rental Equipment

Club WW boats are available for rental on any Boston Paddlers trip as long as they aren't needed for instruction. 

To rent a boat, sign up for a trip and ask the leader.

Check out our Annual Boathouse cleanup!


Boat rental fees:

Tandem canoes:  $20/paddler/day

Solo canoes and kayaks:  $20/day

All boats:  $10/paddlers/pond or pool session

Boat rental prices include life jacket, helmet and paddle per person, a spare paddle for open canoes and a spray skirt for closed boats.

Paddle, life jacket and helmet rental are each $5/day if no boat is rented.

Lead a trip and you are entitled to a free rental!


Kayaks and C1s
No. Make & Model Color Paddler Weight
1 Wave Sport EZ Orange 120-200 lbs.
2 Jackson Hero Green 115-190 lbs.
3 Wave Sport EZ Orange 120-200 lbs.
5 Wave Sport Big EZ Yellow/red 140-240 lbs.
6 Jackson Hero Green 115-190 lbs.
7 Wave Sport Diesel 65 Blue 100-200 lbs.
8 Wave Sport Diesel 75 Red 140-240 lbs.
10 Wave Sport Super EZ Yellow 160-280 lbs.
12 Dagger GT 7.8 Orange 90-180 lbs. 
13 Jackson Fun Runner 70 Green 140-210 lbs.
14 Dagger GT 7.5  Red 80-140 lbs.
15 Dagger GT 7.5 Red 80-140 lbs.
16 Dagger Cascade C-1 Yellow     
18 Dagger GT 8.1 Green 140-230 lbs.
20       Fluid Detox M Orange 140-210 lbs.
21  Fluid Detox L Red 180+ lbs. 
22  Dagger RPM Blue  100-230 lbs. 


Open Canoes
No. Make & Model Color Outfitting
2 Dagger Encore Red Solo
3 Mad River Outrage Blue Solo
7 Dagger Caption Red Tandem
9 Dagger Dimension Red Tandem
11 Dagger Dimension Red Tandem
12 Mad RIver Outrage-X Orange Solo
15 Dagger Dimension Red Tandem
17 Dagger Rival Purple Solo