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Boston Paddlers Whitewater trip listings:

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Signing up for a trip

To register for a trip, email or call the designated Trip Leader. 

The earlier you call the Leader, the more time he/she has to organize required re­sources. For a weekend trip involving food and camping, call to register at least by Tuesday prior to the trip so the Leader has a head count for purchases and  reservations. Instruction Trips are often over-subscribed; call or apply as early as possible. Can­cel­ing your registration for any trip may involve paying your share of equip­ment, food or camping ex­penses.

For safety reasons we limit participation on whitewater trips to those paddlers with appropriate levels of experience and skill.  If you do not have a rating with us, be prepard to tell about your paddling experience. The Trip Leader decides whether he/she can accept you on the trip based on the paddling difficulty of the planned rivers, the amount of safety strength already on the trip, available rental equipment, and so on.  If the Leader decides he/she cannot accept a less experienced boater, it's simpy a decision based on safety and other trip factors, including the Leader's experience on the scheduled river.  Try again another weekend!  If you need help suggestions or help getting on trips, please email us.

Please note, Trip Leaders may change rivers depending on water conditions.


How much do Trips Cost?

The cost of paddling with the AMC varies considerably with the type of trip and if you rent equipment (see Rental Equipment). Trip members equally share food, camping, and other direct costs. Cold weather trips often stay in an indoor facility, and some Trip Leaders have the group eat out, increasing costs. Ask the Trip Leader for an estimated cost when you call to sign up for the trip.


In addition to food, camping and equipment rental, the Paddlers Committee charges a Club fee of $2/person for whitewater trips.  This fee supports Paddlers Committee programs. Trip Lead­ers, Coleaders, and children under the age of 18 do not pay a Club fee.  Those who are not members of the AMC are welcome on our trips, but are charged a guest fee. Guest fees are $4/person for the first day and $2 each additional day up to a maximum of $8. We encourage you to join the AMC.

HYDRO FUND:  All trips accept a voluntary contribution of $1/trip from interested boaters to assist our efforts to protect rivers from misuse and adverse hydro power development.