The Boston Paddlers Committee works to secure and maintain river releases, ensure access to rivers and lakes, amd improve our New England water quality.


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's (FERC's) relicensing of dams, used for hydroelectric power generation, is an ongoing concern of the Committee.  Agreements on the Deerfiled River and Ayers Island (the Bristol section of the Pemi) now provide boaters with scheduled summertime paddling.


The Boston Paddlers have participated in the Annual Assabet River Cleanup for the past 15 years.  Please email us if you have a favorite river that you would like paddlers to help cleanup.  


The Boston Paddlers Committee provides funding for this work through the "Hydro Fund," a voluntary contribution of $1 per person which is accepted on all our boating trips,  The Hydro Fund has been used for the Deerfield River and Ayers Island relicensing efforts, and more recently for the West River Economic Impact Study.