Paddling with Us

 The AMC Boston Paddlers has over 500 paddlers located throughout New England, most of which can be found in the Boston area.

  • Each year from early spring through the fall we run organized paddling trips for canoes and kayaks, (we are not a rafting outfitter), on both whitewater and flatwater rivers throughout New England.
  • Throughout the spring and summer months we offer a full program of whitewater paddling instruction in kayak, open boat, and  C-1.  We also offer several courses in whitewater safety & rescue.
  • During the summer months, we run sea kayaking clinics and introductory instructional trips to full overnight trips along the New England cost.
  • From January through March we offer instruction in kayak and C-1 rolling, and recreational rolling sessions in various Boston area swimming pools.

We have a fleet of whitewater kayaks, canoes, and C-1's, and flatwater canoes that can be rented, (subject to reasonable restrictions), for any of our trips or instruction programs. 

The Boston Paddlers are active in protecting our rivers, lakes, and coastal areas.

You do not need to be a member of the AMC to paddle with us!  All our work is done by volunteers serving both the members of our club and the public in general.